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S & K Custom Fencing

About Us

Our Story

We are a locally owned Montana business that has always focused on bringing you the best value for your investment.

S & K Custom Fencing started in 1996 because it was something I knew how to do and I needed to buy diapers. Since then, we have built many fences for people and still love building them. What started as a simple endeavor to build some fence has expanded to steel pipe fence, custom gates, corrals, ranch fence, cedar split rail, cedar fence, chain link, commercial fence, vinyl, and really any type of fence you can dream up, we will build it.

Sincerely, Schaun Norstedt S & K Custom Fence

Why we are different

Not all fences are the same. Sure, many look the same in the beginning, but will they last the same? How do you determine the value of privacy and security? Is the lowest price always the best option?

As a fence contractor, I have always tried to deliver the best possible product at a fair price. Using premium materials and made in the USA product. Why are Premium materials important? They last longer and look better longer, that’s it. Whether it premium vinyl, or properly treated wood posts, or heavy cedar, the quality is visual. More importantly, it makes a fence you can count for a long time with no hassles. We respect your privacy and security. Isn’t that why most people want a fence? Kids, pets, neighbors or whatever motivates you to invest in your fence it comes down to privacy and security. That’s why we use premium material and quality people. We build your fence right so you only need to see us once. We stand beside our product. We truly believe that the best value is not the cheapest fence, but a great looking, quality fence that stands the test of time.

Superior Quality

We use premium materials that stand the test of time.

Superb Customer Service

Our number one priority is giving our customers the best possible product.

Highly Skilled Professionals

We have many years of experience installing anything you can dream up.